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  • econorm® manhole system

    The econorm® manhole system is a licence system for the production and marketing of concrete manhole structures on the German market.


    Customer benefits - established brand, rising sales figures
    sam. is responsible for realising all marketing of a licence system for concrete manhole structures on the German market. PR work is a core element of the econorm marketing strategy, which established the econorm® brand in 3 steps in a stagnating market. The number of units sold doubled from 2004 to 2013.
    Step 1 – creating recognition for the econorm® Shaft System as a brand in the relevant target groups, such as civil engineering firms, waste water treatment firms and municipal authorities.
    Step 2 –  using press reports at the expert level to establish econorm® as the technical benchmark for shaft systems.
    Step 3 – a campaign to expand the brand recognition from Step 1 and 2 and to communicate the aspects of sustainability and environment.

    Other media services:
    Budgeting marketing strategy
    Hosting, website with TYPO3 , SEO - www.schachtsystem.de
    Trade fairs
    Image/info brochures
    Image video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0YM1xFHsAA&feature=plcp